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Sydney Show 2010

March 27, 2010

There’s only 2 weeks until Red Angus Judging at the 2010 Sydney Show. Looking forward to catching up with Red Angus Breeders from all Australia, and indeed cattle breeders from all over the world. There are some people who are concerned by showing cattle and how it is different from commercial production – we think of it as a social event with peers and a good opportunity to compare our cattle side by side with others. We will also have Breedplan performance figures available soon for these animals.



March 9, 2010

Hello all – well what a difference rain makes. In the past week we have had close to 6 inches of rain, which even prevented us attending Pittsworth Show! We have entered 3 head for Sydney Show in a months time and thought a little practice run at Pittsworth would be in order – never mind – we’d much rather have the rain!