Red Angus Steer Wins Eating Quality Award

September 2, 2010

A Red Angus steer, bred and donated by Kelynack Red Angus, Southbrook, Queensland has taken a middleweight class honour for eating quality at this years’ Brisbane RNA. The steer was prepared by the Downlands College Cattle Show Team, before being exhibited at the Show. Standing in the “top line” on the hoof, the early middleweight steer, nicknamed “Ranga” by the Downlands students, then went onto be awarded the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Eating quality Award, in addition to scoring top points for marbling.
After an administrative policy decision by the RNA, the steer was not auctioned but with prize monies and top grid price, a total of $1124 was donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Queensland. Lorna Will, of KelynackRed Angus, said the result was very satisfying “ The Downlands Cattle Show Team did an excellent job donating their preparation of the steer, and to have the entire proceeds of $1124 go towards finding a cure for MS is a great result. We also congratulate Craig and Renee Gapes for donating their steer to Youngcare this year, as this is a charity that assists many sufferers of MS.”
Lorna Will also announced that another steer would be donated in 2011. “This is our way to help the fight and find a cure for MS. Downlands will again take part in this fundraising thus supporting the broader community. Many thanks must go to Mr Tim Morrison and the Downlands Cattle Show Team”. Photo: Lorna will and Downlands Cattle Team at the College with the trophy for Woolworths MSA Eating Quality Award.


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