What matters most……

March 3, 2011

U105 with twin bull calves

These last few months have been a lession in appreciating life – after the passing of close family friend, (and Agricultural Politics Legend) Ivy Inwood, numerous trips to hospital etc, we witnessed heavy flooding, starting with 27th December 2010 with over 6 inches of rain! The water level in the creek rose to over 2 metres above the road, and swept fencing away. Monday 10th January 2011 saw the Toowoomba region suffer the most tragic damage to people, property and livestock with walls of water sweeping away all in its paths. The most sereal experiences in human kindness, panic and sadness. This then continued with our friends in FNQ, with Cyclone Yasi. We continue to wish all those affected, strength in the recovery process. And to top it all off, outbreaks of sickness associated with floodwaters – trying to stave off whopping cough as we speak.


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