2013 – Its got to get better??

February 1, 2013

Well what a start to 2013.  Its never dull – bushfires raging throughout Australia and we are flooded again.  Our thoughts and prayers for everyone suffering horrible losses with the fires – we are supporting fodderaid.org to try to get urgent stock feed out.  Marty Lill and his crew have done the most amazing job of fighting the Coonabarabran fire that would’nt quit.   We wish Marty and everyone at Chadwick Downs all the strenght possible to rebuild!  Best wishes to Fullers at PC Angus after their fire losses too.

Dreadful stock losses here in QLD and Northern NSW with flooding – yet Western Qld and the NT remain in dire drought!

Our thoughts also to our poor Brahman breeder friends – currently under quarantine for BJD through no faulty of their own.

2013 can only get better…….

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