EKKA steer to be auctioned next week!!!

July 28, 2013

2013-07-18 MS Steer Kelynack Horatio 009

This year’s EKKA charity steer is on track to raise funds for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) QLD again, being auctioned during the Led Steer Sale next Wednesday, by Landmark.


This year’s steer will again be a purebred Red Angus donated by Keynack Red Angus at Southbrook.  Marking the fourth year that Kelynack have donated a steer at the EKKA, this year’s has again been prepared by students of Downlands College Toowoomba.


Lorna Will, of Kelynack Red Angus, says this year’s auction proceeds will go towards much – needed rural care facilities for MS sufferers in Queensland. “Our family has been affected by MS, and this is our way of trying to put a little back towards easing the suffering.  This will be the first time we have been able to auction our annual steer at the EKKA, so we are really hoping to get a good result and get access for rural MS affected people”.


In the previous years, the charity steers donated have won the MSA taste test, and last year’s steer won the Heavyweight Carcase class.



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