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The Countdown’s On

February 24, 2009

Well, the big outing is under 2 weeks away – yes the Royal Pittsworth Angus Feature Show.  This is the only show we’ve entered and will be giving a couple of calves an outing.  Rumours are that there are over 100 head entered of both black and red Angus, which will be shown together!  Now if we can only hang onto these calves…………


The Spirit of Mystery

February 18, 2009

Over 150 years ago in the UK, a group of Cornish gentlemen gathered in their local pub to discuss the possibility of moving to Australia.  Our great Granfather Chas Kelynack had written back describing the opportunities that he had experienced since moving there the year before to the Goldfields.  After much discussion, the gentlemen, including Chas’ brother Job Kelynack decided to set sail in a fishing boat called the “Mystery”that had never left the sight of land, in a truely epic adventure.  Now this journey is being repeated by adventurer Pete Goss and his crew, in an exact replica of the original ship.  Go to for the latest.


a Land of Droughts & Flooding Rains

February 17, 2009

It’s an amazing country we live in – At the top end – devastating floods and down south – hideous bushfires.  Massive stock losses along with many lives.  We are starting to have filter through the news of those OK and those affected.  We can only imagine what it must be like for those under water and those, like Francis & Alex of BDRI who are in their 3rd week of being covered in smoke, and waiting for any wind change that will bring the fires closer.  We are living in difficult times indeed – only today we heard about the parks in Japan littered with blue tarps as people make tempory homes after loosing both jobs and company appartments in one hit.  As Dot would say “Count your blessings”!


Thoughts & Prayers

February 9, 2009

To everyone in Victoria – our thoughts and prayers are with you at this dire time.